Oct 10, 2016

Reflection: Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7

Here’s a short reflection on Jeremiah 29. It was written by Ann Bell Worley, and posted on the Baylor University website.

Reflection on Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7

Not simply an evil territory
   or a dirty word,
   as we are prone to believe.
But a place where God’s people were sent
   in exile
   on purpose
   on mission
      to offer their culture
   to the culture there
   in love.
For God so loved the world.

Like Israel in exile, still we hope
   for our homecoming in the city of God,
   where there will be no more tears.
Let us hope not
   in closed communion
   in isolated sanctuaries
   apart from the Babylon-world.
Rather let us hope
   in the fullness of God’s love
   in the life of the cities and towns
      where we work
      and love
      and worship
      and play.
And remember
   that God so loved not only us,
      but the world.

Let us hope for Babylon
   as we hope for ourselves.
Let us embrace
   its people
   its buildings
   its streets
   and fill them with the beauty
      of God’s temple.
Let us hope
      with doors wide open,
   welcome the city in
   and pour ourselves out.
For God so loved the world.

~ written by Ann Bell Worley, copyright © 2006 The Center for Christian Ethics.  Posted on the Baylor University website. http://www.baylor.edu/christianethics/CitiesandTownsWorshipWorley.pdf