Prayer of Confession: Jeremiah 29

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by Jeremiah 29. It was written by Ann Bell Worley, and posted on the Baylor University website.

(inspired by Jeremiah 29)

ere’s HMerciful God,
we confess that we have hidden our light
and failed to share the love of Christ.
We have walked away from the people Jesus came to serve,
from the cities and towns where he carried out his ministry.
We have chosen instead to make our home
in the isolated places where Jesus retreated for prayer.

And even there,
our prayers have been mostly for ourselves.
We have deemed our church an escape from (name of city or town),
rather than a sanctuary for it.
We have deemed ourselves your chosen people
but forsaken the ministry of reconciliation.

In your infinite mercy,
forgive us our sins
and set us on the path of true righteousness,
that we may find the joy of our salvation
as we seek the welfare of the world around us,
especially our city of (name). Amen.

~ written by Ann Bell Worley, copyright © 2006 The Center for Christian Ethics.  Posted on the Baylor University website.