Apr 5, 2020

Prayer for Holy Week

Here’s a prayer for the start of Holy Week from lutheranjulia.  It was posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Prayer at the Start of Holy Week

Holy God,
you have fed us all
out of your own generous and gracious hands.
From them, we have received welcome,
nourishment, hope, and consolation.

May these things grow in us,
alongside the gift of faith,
so that we may plant their seeds
in the world around us.

Through the Holy Spirit,
guide us in the week [days] ahead
to re-member our place
in your great and on-going story
of resurrection, redemption, and restoration
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

~ written by lutheranjulia, and posted on RevGalBlogPals. http://revgalblogpals.org/2016/03/18/friday-prayer-something-is-coming/

Apr 2, 2020

Call to Worship for Holy Week

Here’s a call to worship for Holy Week. It was written by Thom Shuman.

Palm Sunday Call to Worship

We come to prepare for the holiest of weeks.
We will journey through praise, with joy on our lips;
we will travel through betrayal and death,
cradling hope deep in our hearts

Jesus leads us through this week, and we will follow,
for he is the life we long for,
he is the Word who sustains us.
We wave palm branches in anticipation,
we lay our love before him, to cushion his walk

Setting aside all power, glory, and might, he comes:
modeling humility and obedience for all of us.
Hosanna! Hosanna!
Blessed is the One who brings us
the kingdom of God.

~ written by Thom Shuman, and posted on his excellent Lectionary Liturgies blog. http://www.lectionaryliturgies.blogspot.ca/

Call to Worship: A Psalm of Celebration

Here’s a responsive litany or call to worship inspired by Psalm 118. It was written by Ann Siddall, and posted on the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre.

A Psalm of Celebration
(loosely inspired by Psalm 118)

Though we have known hardship and pain,
though life has not always turned out as we had hoped,
we will stand here and say:
God’s steadfast love endures for ever!

Though life becomes more complex,
the deepest questions remain unanswered,
and the mystery of faith deepens, we will say:
God’s steadfast love endures for ever!

And though the pain of the world
often seems more than we can bear or address,
we will stand firm in our faith and say:
God’s steadfast love endures for ever!

~ written by Ann Siddall, and posted on the website of the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre.  http://www.stillpointsa.org.au/

Palm Sunday Opening Prayer: You Rode On

Here’s an opening prayer for Palm/Passion Sunday from Joe Welty, Pastor of Broadway-First Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Opening Prayer for Palm Sunday

O Lord, you rode on.

You rode over the cloaks and under the branches,
You rode through the shouts and past the praises,
Receiving the praise that you deserved, 
but not confusing our praise in your presence for your purpose in coming.

O Lord, you rode on.

You rode towards the controversy and the cost,
You rode towards the curses and the cross,
Receiving the stripes you didn’t deserve, to give us a reward that we couldn’t earn.

O Lord, you rode on.

You rode through the tomb and the grave,
You rode through our time and space,
Ascending to a throne that will never decay,
A priesthood that will never pass away,
A life of love that will always remain,
And hearing us even now as we pray.

O Lord, you rode on.

We remember the journey you have taken
as we commit ourselves to walking in the same way. 
Give us the strength, hope, and joy we need
as we follow.

In your name we pray,

~ written by Pastor Joe Welty, Broadway-First Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Mar 11, 2020

Opening Prayer: Living Water

Here’s an opening prayer, inspired by the suggested RCL scripture readings for the third Sunday in Lent, Year A. It was written by Rev. Karla and posted on RevGalBlogPals (see link below).

Opening Prayer

(inspired by Exodus 17:1-7, Psalm 95, John 4:5-42)

Holy Watering One,
Fount of Every Blessing,
We come to you this morning,
Opening our parched places to receive
the springs of living water
You offer to us.

Most of the time,
most of us don’t even know we are thirsty.
We don’t know the deep dehydration
that scours our bones and parches our hearts.

Sometimes, when our thirst pangs emerge,
We draw from the enticing wells
of the world’s offering of power and profit,
which leave us even more empty.

Still us, God,
so we might listen to You speaking to us,
knowing us, seeing us, loving us.

Fill us with your Living Water
that will transform our spirits and souls
into springs that burst forth
with life and love
for your people, for ourselves, and for our world.

~ written by Rev. Karla and posted on RevGalBlogPals. https://revgalblogpals.org/2017/03/18/sunday-prayer-213/

Call to Worship: John 4: 5-42

Here’s a responsive call to worship inspired by John 4:5-42. It was written by Tim Graves, and posted on LiturgyBits.

Call to Worship: Living Water

(inspired by john 4:5-42)

Turn the tap and water comes out.
Clean, refreshing water quenches our thirst.
Stop at the market, twist open the cap.
Spring water crosses our lips
and our craving is satisfied.
Step outdoors. Look up.
The clouds dampen our faces
and nourish the earth.

Jesus answered,
“Everyone who drinks this water
will be thirsty again.” (John 4:13 CEB)
After a time, we all thirst again. 
“but whoever drinks from the water that I will give
will never be thirsty again.
The water that I give will become in those who drink it
a spring of water that bubbles up into eternal life.” (John 4:14 CEB)

Please give us this water
that we may never be thirsty again.
Come see the one
who turns our thinking and our world upside down.
Come see and experience
the love that knows no bounds.

Praise be to God! 
Praise be to Jesus,
whose life draws from the well of God’s dreams.
Praise be to Christ Jesus,
whose love and justice quenches our thirst
with living water. Amen.

~ written by Tim Graves, and posted on LiturgyBits. https://liturgybits.wordpress.com

Reflection: John 4:5-42

Here’s a reflection on John 4:5-42 from Reverend Sarah Agnew. It was posted on sarah tells stories (see link below).

beside Jacob’s well
(inspired by John 4:5–42)

By the well of Jacob,
Jesus met a woman;
by the well of Jacob,
on foreign, enemy land.

By the well of Jacob,
Jesus asked the woman:
from the well of Jacob
to draw him, please, a drink.

By the well of Jacob
the woman asked him, Why,
by the well of Jacob
he came, he stopped, he spoke?

By the well of Jacob
Jesus told her of water
that neither the well of Jacob,
nor any other well could supply.

By the well of Jacob,
her thirst fast awakened
by the well of Jesus,
holy mystery of life.

To the well of Jacob
she summoned her neighbours – friends;
where, at the well of Jacob,
once she had been alone.

By the well of Jacob,
Jesus’ friends now returned;
by the well of Jacob, you’re
doing what? They were bemused.

By the well of Jacob,
they offered him food to eat;
at the well of Life I eat,
by living the Way of Love.

By the well of Jacob,
Jesus met a woman;
by the well of Jacob,
on foreign, enemy land.

~ written by Reverend Sarah Agnew. Posted on sarah tells stories. http://sarahtellsstories.blogspot.ca/