Dec 16, 2018

Christmas Call to Worship

Here’s a Christmas call to worship from Christine Jerrett’s blog.

Call to Worship for Christmas

God is telling a story in our lives.
It’s quite a story-
full of the promises God makes
and our struggles to trust;
full of mystery and angels
with surprising news;
full of hard endings
and unexpected new beginnings.

Come, hear the story
pay attention to the angels’ message
in your heart
in this place and time.

Then join all creation
in worshipping the God
who tells it
full of grace and truth;
who comes in Jesus,
the Word made flesh,
and makes our story holy.

~ posted on Christine Jerrett.

Christmas: Opening Prayer

Here’s an opening prayer of invocation for Christmas from Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy, Pastor at First Church Congregational in Rochester, NH.

Prayer of Invocation

We have waited for a long time
for your hope, your joy, your love
to shine in the darkness of this world, Almighty God.
Even now, in our gathering here, we await you.
In our hearts, we still hope that your light will blaze forth,
banishing the shadows of this world
and guiding all the people back to you.

Yet you did not come into this world
in a show of power and glory.
You did not shine forth for all of creation to behold.
A tiny spark –
a newborn baby,
visible to parents and curious animals.
A host of angels –
away from the populated areas,
singing to migrant workers.
A sparkling star –
guiding foreigners to see what neighbors could not.

Open our hearts, merciful God,
to the sparks of your presence still in this world.
Open our eyes,
that we might behold your presence in the least likely of places,
and among the least likely of people.

God with us,
kindle your spark within us,
that together we may shine forth your light,
we might banish the shadows of this world,
we might be the continuation of the Christmas miracle:
Emmanuel is in this world,
God is with us, now and evermore.

Illumine our hearts, gracious God,
that we might speak anew the words your Son will teach us...

~ written by Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy, Pastor at First Church Congregational in Rochester, NH.

Christmas Call to Worship: Imagine a Savior

Here’s a call to worship for Christmas from Tim Graves’s LiturgyBits blog.

Call to Worship for Christmas

We waited.
And imagined a savior. 
We imagined power.
One like the world but stronger and on our side. 
We imagined a king on a white horse wielding a sword.
We got a baby born in a stable among the livestock. 
We imagined the work done for us
through the destruction of our enemies.
We receive a baby who will teach us our calling
to seek reconciliation and to love expansively. 
Praise be to God for the unexpected babe of Bethlehem.
Praise to the wisdom of love. Amen!

~ written by Tim Graves, and posted on his blog LiturgyBits: Little bits for worship.

Opening Prayer for the Christmas Season

Here’s an opening prayer for the Christmas season from Grace Church in Ealing, London.

Opening Prayer

Almighty God,
It’s dark outside
and the nights are long.
We watch and wait with mounting expectation
for the coming of your son into the world.

We ease our waiting with the
blandishments of tinsel and tree.
We delight in their beauty,
but Lord, in our eagerness
guard our hearts from celebrating
the things we have made
instead of the gift you will give.

~ from the website of Grace Church in Ealing, London.

Opening Prayer for Christmas

Here’s an opening for Christmas from Rachel Hackenberg. It was posted on RevGalBlogPals.

An Opening Prayer for Christmas

Like the blackbird
singing before the dawn,

Like the whippoorwill
waiting to romance the moon,

Like the newborn
longing for breath as it crowns,

Like the writer
trusting the word to arrive,

Like the waves
rising to the wind’s caress,

Like the fig trees
casting seed for future fruit,

Like the shepherds
watching their flocks at night,

Like the prophet
declaring the advent of freedom,

our hearts are thrilled
with anticipation to greet you:
O Word Made Flesh,
O Jesus our Savior,
O Christ the desire of creation.

Let the glory of God reach the highest heaven
and let peace encompass all people.
Amen and forever amen.

~ written by Rachel G. Hackenberg (United Church minister). Posted on RevGalBlogPals.