Mar 17, 2019

Call to Worship: Hunger and Thirst

Here’s an opening call to worship from Ann Siddall. It was posted on the website of the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre website.

Call to Worship
(inspired by scripture passages 
like Isaiah 55:1-9, Psalm 63:1-8, etc.)

Only the hungry search for bread.
Only the thirsty look for water.
This is a place for those who are hungry and thirsty in spirit.

Only those who ache for meaning will pursue it.
Only those who yearn for a deeper life will seek it.
This is a place for those who ache and yearn for something more.

So let us come here today with our hunger and thirst,
our unsatisfied longings, our heart-felt yearnings,

and let the God of life satisfy our souls.


~ written by Ann Siddall, and posted on the website of the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre.

Call to Worship: Luke 13

Here’s a responsive call to worship inspired by Luke 13:6-9. It was written Stephen Fearing, and posted on his Liturgy & Hymns website.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Luke 13:6-9)

The season of Lent can be barren and lonely,
but God goes with us
through the wild wilderness.
Our lives are lived
in seasons of transitions and transformations.
Lent is a time to ponder
God's providence and persistence.
Together, we seek fruitfulness,
for it has been promised to us;
the barrenness of Lent
will give way to the fruitfulness of Easter.
In this season of penitence and pondering,
let us gather before God.
We come, as a family,
to wait for the Lord with strength and courage.
Come, let us worship God!

~ written by Stephen Fearing, and posted on Liturgy & Hymns by Stephen M. Fearing.

Prayer: Psalm 63

Here’s a prayer from Christine Jerrett’s blog. It was based on Psalm 63. (She envisioned it following the singing of a song of thanksgiving.)

Rejoicing yet thirsting

We do rejoice in you, God our God
We rejoice in your steadfast love and faithfulness
— a rich feast for our souls.
We rejoice that you shelter us in the shadow of your wings
— strong protection against the storms.
We rejoice that you are more powerful than
the troubles that trouble us.

We rejoice that, when we wander far from You,
losing our way,
you do not leave us on our own.
You come to us in Jesus, your Word made flesh.
dwelling among us,
full of your grace and your truth.

O God who has drawn near, you know us as we are:
the songs of praise
tell only part of the story.

We have wandered down many paths,
seeking happiness or glory,
we have trusted in lesser gods,
looking for safe haven from the dangers that threaten.

But the deep hungers are not satisfied;
the fears and anxieties still haunt us.

And now we know:
our souls thirst for you, the living God.

Show us your power and your glory.
Take our weariness
and send your Holy Spirit to renew our hope.
Take our fears
and grow new courage in us.
Take our resignation to the way things are
and pull us into your passionate love.

Lord Jesus,
you meet us in the wilderness of our days,
and fill us with the bread of life.
You meet us in the desert of our loneliness
and streams of living water start to flow.

We drink deeply of the gift of your presence,
and we rejoice,
for you have made us glad.  Amen.

Prayer: Hunger and Thirst

Here’s a prayer of petition from the Weekly Worship page of the Christian Aid website.


With those who live 
in dry and weary lands, 
who know what it is to hunger 
and to thirst, 
we pray.

We pray 
that we may learn what it is 
to hunger for you, 
to thirst for justice, 
so all may have daily bread.

 ~ originally posted on the Monthly Prayers page (now Weekly Worship) of the Christian Aid website.

Opening Prayer: Psalm 63

This opening prayer of invocation was written by Stephen Fearing and posted on his Liturgy & Hymns website.


Opening Prayer

(inspired by Psalm 63:1-8)


Good and gracious God,
we seek you.
We thirst for you.
Without your presence,
we are as a dry and weary land with no water.

Together, we lift up our spirits and call on your name
that you might abide with us.
Bless this our worship of you,
that we might sing for joy

under the shadow of your wings.  Amen.


~ written by Stephen Fearing, and posted on Liturgy & Hymns by Stephen M. Fearing.

Call to Worship: God's Ways

Here’s a responsive call to worship from Tim Graves’s LiturgyBits blog. (See link below.)

Call to Worship

Out of a world of cut-throat competition,
of winners-and-losers,
and too many left behind
we come together.
The world’s ways are not our ways.
The world’s ways are not Christ’s ways.

Out of a world of hatred, violence,
individualism, and life-taking power
we gather as Koinonia, as God’s people.
God’s ways are inclusive, expansive,
and life-giving for all peoples.

Come and worship the One whose love knows no limits! 
Swim and splash in the cleansing waters of divine community!
Resurrect your spirits and souls in worship of the One!
Praise be to the Everlasting One!

~ written by Tim Graves, and posted on LiturgyBits.

Mar 16, 2019

Prayer for the Shooting Victims in New Zealand

Here’s a prayer for the many victims shot this week in Muslim mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The prayer was posted on the website of the Anglican Movement (Diocese of Wellington).See the link below for more prayer suggestions. 

Prayer for New Zealand

Loving God and Father,
we cry to you for our broken world,
and for those who seek their own way through violence and threat.

We pray to you for the ones who have been wounded
by these wicked acts of violence:
young and old, at home or on holiday.
Heal their bodies and hearts;
console them with your presence
and, at the same time,
take away any hatred and a desire for revenge.

We pray that you would draw near and comfort
the families and friends of those who have lost their lives.
Enable them, in your mercy, to seek refuge in you as they grieve.

We pray for the police and intelligence services—
that you would enable them to find and prosecute those responsible,
and work to prevent future attacks.

We pray for the government—
that you would inspire them to govern with wisdom and determination.

We pray for our Muslim community in Aotearoa-New Zealand—
that you would protect them from unjust aggression and discrimination.

And we pray that you would touch the hearts
of those who commit acts of terror,
that they may recognise the evil of their actions
and may turn to the way of peace and goodness,
of respect for the life and dignity of every human being,
regardless of religion, origin, wealth or poverty.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen