May 14, 2018

Call to Worship: Spirit of the Ages

Here’s a responsive call to worship inspired by Psalm 146:5-10. It comes from Tim Graves and the LiturgyBits blog.

Call to Worship: Spirit of the Ages
(inspired by Psalm 146:5-10)

Come and worship!
We will praise the One between, within, and over.
Trust in the One who co-creates the was, the now, and the will-be.
Our hope is in the One who creates expansive love
calling us to do the same.
Follow the One who never breaks covenant.
We follow the One whose extravagant love calls us
to co-create justice for the oppressed,
feed the hungry, unlock prisons,
and welcome strangers, orphans, and widows.
Praise the One whose justice is grace-full and inclusive.
We praise the Spirit that spans the ages. Amen! 

~ written by Tim Graves, and posted on LiturgyBits.

Call to Worship and Prayer for Pentecost

Here’s a responsive call to worship and opening prayer for Pentecost. They were written by Tim Graves and posted on LiturgyBits.

Pentecost Call to Worship
and Opening Prayer

The wind at our backs,
we entered Jerusalem.
Only to watch him die on the cross.

It spiraled so quickly.
Trial. Torture. Crucifixion. Death.

But on the third day
the breath of God blew new life into our futures.
Forty days with the risen Jesus.

Before he ascended,
Jesus reminded us that the Spirit will come.
It was on Pentecost.
It was on Pentecost
when the wind breathed
into each and every one of us.

Let us pray:

Sacred breath,
move through this room.
Unlock a song within your people.
Breathe into us
your hopes and dreams
for a world filled with justice, love, and peace. Amen.

~ written by Tim Graves, and posted on LiturgyBits.  

Intergenerational Prayer for Pentecost

Here’s an all-age prayer for Pentecost from Joanna Harader.  It was posted on Practicing Families.

Intergenerational Prayer for Pentecost

Holy One,
For all of the ways you speak to us –
in rushing wind,
in dancing flames,
in words we understand,
and in all that transcends language,
we give thanks.

Give us courage to speak your love,
everywhere we go,
to everyone we meet.

~ written by Joanna Harader, and posted on Practicing Families.

Pentecost Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Here’s a prayer of invocation and intercession for Pentecost.  It was written by rev karla, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Holy One,
We are not sure what it would be like
if the Holy Spirit blew through our churches again
as it did on the day of Pentecost.  
However, we want to speak the language that you have given, 
louder, and  more clearly in  our lives and church.

So we pray,
come Holy Spirit come,
pour out your fire of love upon us 
to be the body of Christ
in a world that is often hurting, hungry, and cynical.

We want to bring the good news to the poor,
heal the broken-hearted,
preach deliverance to captives,
bring recovery of sight to the blind
and set at liberty all that are bruised.

As your disciples,
we pray for all who suffer, are poor,
despairing, burdened, blind and battered.

In your loving breeze,
we pray for health and wholeness for those who are physically ill,
for those who are mentally ailing,
for those who are money sick,
for those who are spiritually unwell.

We pray for the healing of your creation,
and the renewal of the face of the land.
We pray for those who are thirsty,
that they would drink from your fountain of living waters
and never thirst again.


~ written by rev karla, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Pastoral Prayer for Pentecost

Here’s a prayer of invocation and intercession for Pentecost. It was written by John Vest and posted on his website.

Prayer for Pentecost
(inspired by the events in Acts 2:1-13)

Come, Holy Spirit!

Come, Holy Spirit,
and fill us with your love.

Open our eyes to see the presence of God all around us,
in the stillness of this sacred space,
in the busyness and noise of our city streets,
in the joys and celebrations of our lives,
in the tragedies and struggles that break our hearts.

Come, Holy Spirit,
and comfort those who grieve.

Grant them the peace that only you can bring.
Stir within us a trust in life beyond death,
as we ponder the mysteries of Christ’s resurrection
and the hope we have in new and everlasting life.

Come, Holy Spirit,
and bring wholeness to the sick.

Strengthen those who are weak;
heal the wounded and broken;
give rest to the weary.

Come, Holy Spirit,
and inspire our warring world to seek peace,
to love our enemies,
to put away our weapons,
to remember the price paid for our freedom,
to care for those who have served.

Come, Holy Spirit,
and ignite a fire in our bones,
a passion for justice that cannot be quenched
until all of your children are loved,
until no one is marginalized or oppressed,
until everyone has the opportunity to thrive,
until the world is transformed and renewed.

Come, Holy Spirit,
and revive your church.

Liberate us from complacency and apathy;
inspire us with Christ’s vision for a world reborn;
help us to recognize our gifts for ministry
and to use them in service of others;
transform our hearts and our minds;
fill us with love that overflows;
remind us that there is no greater calling
than to love you with all that we are
and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Gracious God,
give us a glimpse of your kingdom
emerging around us
and drawing us into the new things
you are doing in the world.

It is for your kingdom that we now pray,
filled with your Spirit,
using the words Jesus taught us.
Our Father…

~ written by John W. Vest, and posted on John Vest.