Apr 14, 2019

Easter Call to Worship

Here’s a call to worship for Easter Sunday morning from Roddy Hamilton. Roddy posts on the New Kilpatrick Parish website (see link below).

Easter Call to Worship

Yesterday we had lost so much
we lost the light
we lost the argument
we lost love
we lost life
we lost God
we lost Jesus

But this morning we found
the tomb - empty
the morning - bright
the gardener - walking
the stone - rolled
the disciples - running
the women - proclaiming
the resurrection - waiting
and Jesus - risen

It is good we have found our way here
this is Easter Day
love is back
good morning

~ written by Roddy Hamilton and posted on the New Kilpatrick Parish Churchwebsite. https://www.nkchurch.org.uk/original-liturgy 

Easter Prayer: Children of the Resurrection

Here’s an Easter prayer from Christine Jerrett. (For more great prayers from Christine, see the link to her blog below.)

Easter Prayer

We praise you, living God,
with songs and prayers and listening hearts
and lives trying to obey your will.

You have created and are creating,
bringing life and hope and love.

You come in Jesus, your Word made flesh,
to reconcile and make new.

In a culture where the power death gets all the headlines
your Holy Spirit summons us to be people
shaped by your power to work resurrection.

We are not sure we believe as fully as we think we should.
We are not sure we trust as deeply as we think you require.
But we bring who we are and what we have become
into your presence,
longing to know your grace and your love.

Forgive what has gone wrong.
Repair in us what is broken.
Reveal in us what is good and turn us toward it.

So may we follow wherever your Spirit may lead.
So may we love with the love of Jesus flowing through us.
So may we, body, mind and spirit,
be children of resurrection,
children of hope,
children of grace.

In Christ Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

~ posted on Christine Jerrett. https://christinejerrett.wordpress.com/  

Call to Worship: A Community of Faith

Here is a call to worship from Cheryl Lawrie’s [hold this space] website.

Call to Worship

We gather:
a community of faith in God’s subversive world.
We gather to celebrate
that no darkness can extinguish light,
to remember
that love will always be more powerful than death,
and to trust that
peace will always be stronger than violence.

We gather,
people of faith in the light of God’s world.
Welcome to worship.

~ written by Cheryl Lawrie and posted on [hold this space]. http://holdthisspace.org.au/

Prayer: Witnesses

Here’s a beautiful prayer for the Easter season from John van de Laar’s Sacredise website.

(based on Luke 24:36-48, John 20:19-31)

How do we find the faith to believe the story of Easter, Jesus?
How do we grasp its truth?
We can only accept it;
refusing to reduce it to scientific debate
or historical literalism
kneeling with humility and awe beside the blood-stained cross
and the empty grave;
For then, we are your witnesses.

How do we understand the mystery of your death and life, Jesus?
How do we explain it?
We can only live it;
allowing it to permeate every grain
of this sand that forms us,
every thought, every priority, every act and every interaction,
For then we are your witnesses,
and you deserve nothing less from us.


— Copyright © John van de Laar, on his excellent Sacredise website.  Visit there for many other excellent lectionary-based resources for worship. 

Affirmation of Faith: Abundant God

Here’s an affirmation of faith which celebrates the extravagance of God.  It was written by Bruce Prewer.


We believe in the debonaire God
who clothes the wild flowers
dressing them so superbly
that they outdo Solomon in all his glory;
who is the true Friend
of all creatures great and small
who feeds magpies and laughing kookaburras,
and even doleful ravens and drongos.

We believe in the God of Christ Jesus
the Source of abundance,
full of grace and truth.

We believe in the extravagant God
who turns the other cheek,
goes the second mile,
turns water into the best wine,
brings healing with his every touch,
and who welcomes a woman’s of love
as she fills the house with unforgettable fragrance.

We believe in the faith-full God of Jesus Christ,
who sweated blood in an Olive Grove,
and kept the faith to the very end.

We believe in the redeeming God
who spared no cost,
forgave even his brutal crucifiers,
had time for a dying thief at his side,
and who on the third day
did a thing so prodigious
that even his friends were dismayed with joy.

We believe in the God of Jesus Christ,
the Source of abundance
wherever we turn
and no matter what we do.

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page. http://www.bruceprewer.com/