Apr 9, 2020

Easter Call to Worship

Here is an Easter call to worship from Rev. Cambron Wright, pastor of  Faith United Methodist Church in Bowling Green, KY.

Call to Worship for Easter Morning


It was early in the morning. Still dark.
The dawn just starting to cut through the fog.
The air hung heavy with expectation, as if the earth itself were holding its breath.

The echoes of the cross linger. His voice still rings out:
It Is Finished. Into your hands I commit my spirit.

The story comes to us in pieces and fragments, hints and images:

A vineyard garden, grapes ready for the harvest.

A stone, rolled away. The guards asleep at its side.

A pile of clothes, folded in an empty tomb.

Peter and John, running in with disbelief.
Walking out with questions and with hope.

But Mary stays behind. To weep in the garden.
And we weep with her. There is so much loss.
So much grief. So much death.

With her we look up, and through her tears
We see angels, seated in victory on top of the stone.

Do not be afraid, they tell us.
He is not here.
Why do you look for the living among the dead?
He. Is. Not. Here.

From the garden she hears a voice:
Why are you weeping? Whom do you seek?

She still cannot see. The sun is rising.
She is muttering with explanations,
But Mary’s heart starts beating with tremors
Of hope. Whom do you seek?
He is not here.

And like a voice from heaven,
She hears that voice. The voice she is longing for.
The gardener speaks her name: Mary.

Jesus looks at you and Jesus speaks your name.
The world is new as he speaks your name.
You are made new as he speaks your name.

What the angels said was true
And it is true today.

Jesus is alive.
Jesus walks.
His heart beats in victory.
Easter is announced by every breath he takes.
Easter means that love has won.
Death is finished. Satan is doomed.
Evil is conquered. God is good.

Love’s redeeming work is done.
It. Is. Finished. It . Is. Finished.
He is not dead.
He. Is. Alive.

~ submitted by Rev. Cambron Wright, Pastor of  Faith United Methodist Church in Bowling Green, KY.

Easter Confession

Here’s a thoughtful act of confession for Easter Sunday from Greg Scheer.  

Call to Confession

Christ has risen
and we have risen to new life with him.
Yet we must confess the ways we have
continued to remain in our tombs of sin and death.

Prayer of Confession

Living Lord,
when we stand before the empty tomb
we don’t always feel the joy of resurrection.
We feel fear, doubt, and distrust.
We feel empty.

Forgive the fear that paralyzes us at the brink of new life.
Forgive our doubt of your love.
Forgive our distrust of your surprising, joyous plan.
Fill our emptiness with your glorious light.
Raise us to abundant new life
for the glory of your name.

Words of Assurance

Wake up, sleeper!
Rise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you.

Sisters and brothers,
Christ has forgiven our sins.
Christ calls us to new life.
Christ will lead us into righteousness.


~ written by Greg Scheer, http://www.gregscheer.com/

Apr 8, 2020

Sending: Empty Dawn

Here is a closing “charge” or “commission” before the benediction for Easter Sunday morning. It was written by Roddy Hamilton, who posts on the New Kilpatrick Parish website (see link below).

Easter Sending

have you ever noticed
that it is the space that holds everything we believe
it is the gap
the lacuna
the void
in which we place everything we fundamentally believe

in that space
the emptiness
of tombs
lies the fullness of our faith

and in such spaces
we believe

when the void is found
the emptiness of the tomb is met
it is then we trust resurrection
and that what Jesus said
is true
we remember what he told us
and believe

it’s kind of obvious that you need
an empty tomb for resurrection
but you need that emptiness
to have a full faith
filled with hope
and possibility
and what might be

so may we step into this emptiness
and believe
the life Jesus spoke of might be true
the love he held to might be true
the words he spoke might be true
because there is only space
where death ought to be

this possibility of life
this resurrection of spirit
in every empty space
is our new hope

go and believe into the void

~ written by Roddy Hamilton and posted on the New Kilpatrick Parish Churchwebsite. https://www.nkchurch.org.uk/original-liturgy