Reflection: Isaiah 40

Here’s an Advent reflection inspired by Isaiah 40: 3-5 (and, by extension, Mark 1: 2-3 and Luke 3: 4-6).  It was written by Bruce Prewer.

Brave Wilderness Voice
(inspired by Isaiah 40:3-5, Mark 1:2-3, Luke 3:4-6)

O brave wilderness voice,
prophet of the Highest,
            come among our markets
            and consuming passions
and rebuke with your cry
            our modern addictions
            and frantic fashions.

O lonely, rough-hewn soul,
speaker of hard truths,
            axe our mad, fruitless boasts
            and viperous displays;
call us to that repentance
            which we have deftly dodged
            under pious cliches.

O smoother of crude ways,
mover of black mountains,
            tread down our pampered pride
            and cultured discontent;
straighten our twisted days
            until each childlike hope
            skips to meet the Advent.

~ from Beyond Words, copyright ©  B Prewer & JBCE 1995.  Posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.