Contemporary Hymn: We Pray for Peace

Here’s a contemporary hymn about peace.  If you are highlighting peace themes, you might want to consider using this sung prayer of intercession. It was written by Deborah Patterson.  She suggests the tune GREENSLEEVES (“What Child is This?”).

We Pray for Peace

We pray for peace, God, in our world,
so wrenched by war and sorrow.
Give us rebirth, and heal our earth
of fear and hate tomorrow.
            Teach peace in every mind,
            and heal all wounded humankind.
            Teach peace in every heart,
            as people of one Maker.

We pray for peace, God, in our streets,
where neighbors fear to travel.
Let gunfire end, our ways amend,
let violence unravel.

We pray for peace, God, in our homes,
where we have hurt those nearest.
Renew each will, and help us still
to reconcile our dearest.

We pray for peace, God, in our souls.
Oh, heal our selfish blindness!
God, touch each heart and help us start
to love each self with kindness.

— written by Deborah Patterson, and posted on the website of the United Church of Christ, Webster Groves, Missouri.