Scripture Litany: Psalm 93

Here’s a wonderful re-interpretation of Psalm 93 from James Taylor’s Everyday Psalms.

Psalm 93

The Lord wears light like a royal robe;
it dazzles those who gaze upon the Lord.
The whole world is God’s royal throne;
like a sapphire, it shines in the darkness of space.
The earth has been God’s home from the beginning;
before time began, God was there.

A river in flood laughs at dykes and sandbags.
Its banks cannot contain it;
it sweeps trees and homes along like dust.
As thundering waters dominate a valley,
so God dominates this planet.
But God is greater than any flood,
greater than the surf that pounds a rocky shore into sand.
For acts of God are not at random;
God rules with justice and fairness,
and makes the whole earth holy.

Hear, oh earth!
The Lord, the Lord alone, is God.
Now, and forever.

~ written by James Taylor, in his wonderful collection, Everyday Psalms (1994, Wood Lake Books).