Candle-Lighting Liturgy for Advent

Jeanyne Slettom has written a set of candle-lighting liturgies for each of the four Sundays in Advent (Light, Hope, Joy, Love) and Christmas Eve.  The first one—Light—is reprinted below.  To see the rest, click here.
Candle Liturgy: First Sunday of Advent

The Gospel of John speaks of Christ as the true light coming into the world. In commemoration of that coming, we light candles for the four weeks leading to Christmas and reflect on the coming of Christ.  It is significant that the church has always used that language—the coming of Christ—because it speaks to a deep truth. Christ is coming. Christ is always coming, always entering a troubled world, a wounded heart. And so we light the first candle, the candle of hope, and dare to express our longing for peace, for healing, and the well-being of all creation.

First candle is lit.
Optional: sing one verse of "O Come, O come Emmanuel"

Loving God, as we enter this Advent season,
We open all the dark places in our lives and memories
to the healing light of Christ.
Show us the creative power of hope.
Prepare our hearts to be transformed by you,
That we may walk in the light of Christ.

~ written by Jeanyne Slettom, and posted on the Process and Faith website.