Mar 30, 2012

Holy Humor Sunday: Affirmation

Looking for worship resources for Laughter Sunday (aka Holy Humor Sunday, Bright Sunday)?  Here’s an Affirmation of Humor from Rev. Chris Anderson, on his God is Still Laughing: Learning Theology through Jokes website. 

A Communion of Saints
Affirmation of Humor

We believe with the Bible that
“there is a time to weep and a time to laugh.”

We believe with Chrysostom that
“laughter has been implanted in our souls.”

We believe with Aquinas that there is a time for
“playful deeds and jokes.”

We believe with Luther that
“You have as much laughter as you have faith.”

We believe with Calvin that
“we are nowhere forbidden to laugh.”

We believe with Francis De Sales that
“humor is a foundation for reconciliation.”

We believe with Wesley that
“A sour religion is the devil’s religion.”

We believe with Kierkegaard that
“Humor is intrinsic to Christianity.”

We believe with Dostoevsky that
“If a person laughs well they are a good person.”

We believe with Chesterton that
“A good joke is the closest thing we have to divine revelation.”

We believe with Bonhoeffer that
“Ultimate seriousness is not without a dose of humor.”

We believe with Fulton Sheen that
“The only time laughter is wicked is when it is turned against he who gave it.”

We believe with Flannery O’Conner that
“Christianity is a strangely cheery religion.”

We believe with Elton Trueblood,
“Never trust a theologian without a sense of humor.”

We believe with Charles Schultz that
“Humor is proof that everything is going to be alright with God nevertheless.”

We believe with Krister Stendhal that
“humor, along with irony, forms a safeguard against idolatry.”

We believe with Eric Gritsch that
“Humor is thus anchored in a self-knowledge that indicates one’s limitations.”

— compiled by Rev. Chris Anderson with help from the Joyful Noiseletter, where you can find more ideas about how to celebrate Laughter Sunday / Holy Humor Sunday.

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