Holy Humor Hymn: Take Time

Here’s another song text used in some congregations on Holy Humor Sunday (the first Sunday after Easter). 

Take Time to Be Funny

Take time to be funny, rejoice in the Lord
Let laughter explode and have fun with God’s Word
For laughter is healing, gives strength to the weak
God loves to see smiles, for they lift up the meek.

Take time to be silly, it’s good for the soul
Too many are somber, grabbing control.
Let go and let God’s love wash over your soul
Heavenly transcendence can be your life’s goal.

Old Sarah and Abram – a child they lacked
But God’s angels promised and she birthed Isaac
In Hebrew that’s “laughter”, go check if you want
Genesis Seven-teen is where it is found.

For humor is holy, it sanctifies life,
Replenishes hope and oft softens advice
It undercuts sorrow, deflates haughty pride
So smile and hang on, and rejoice in life’s ride.

— authorship unknown. Suggested tune:  “Take time to be holy”

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