Prayers for Pentecost

Here is one of a number of wonderful prayers for Pentecost written by John van de Laar and posted on his excellent site,

In this act of prayer, O God
Our lives are opened to You, and with them, our world.

We pray that Your Spirit
would whisper through every heart and everyplace
where the voice of Your Presence is silent. 

We ask that Your Spirit
would challenge and empower
all who are weak, broken, diseased or weeping.

We long for Your Spirit
to inspire all who follow You
to think, speak and live as true imitators of Christ

That our world and all who live in it
may know peace, healing and reconciliation with you and with each other.

Bless us, O Lord,
that we may become the building-blocks of Your Kingdom among us.

In Jesus' Name.

~ by John van de Laar © 2006