Call to Worship: Pentecost

The Spirit is here among us
within us, around us, between us.
The Spirit is here to strengthen us
bringing courage, bringing conviction.
The Spirit is here to move us,
making us sing and praise.
The Spirit is here.

May we feel the Spirit as we gather.
May we be fed by her fiery strength.
May we be emboldened by her powerful wind.

We gather in the Spirit's arms to be nurtured as we worship.
And may our worship fill us with the Spirit
as we go back out into our daily lives.

One of a number of worship resources for Pentecost written by Gord Waldie on his blog Worship Offerings. Visit that site for more resources, including an opening prayer, offering prayer, prayer of confession/words of assurance, and a commissioning/benediction for Pentecost.

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