Jun 2, 2011

Prayers of the People: Pentecost

Pentecost, Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer (1750s)

Let us pray --- Lord God we thank you for taking on flesh in Christ Jesus and in us.  For the Spirit which gives us life - we thank you God.  For the treasure that you bury within us and the power that you fill us with – we thank you God.  And for the fruit your produce when we are grafted into your vine - we thank you God...  Lord hear prayer...

We praise you today, O God for giving birth to us   and for making us your people.  We praise you for the mission you have set upon our hearts and the tools you have provided for the doing of it...  Lord, hear our prayer...

We praise you today, O God, for the visions you grant to us - for the prophecies you put upon our lips - for the mercies you perform through our hands - for the guidance you provide us through the  gospels and the apostles and the church founded upon the rock that is Peter - and through the still small voice that is within.  And we pray, O God, that we, seeing and hearing as you want us to see and hear, may be ones who are also up and doing as you call us to be up and doing....  Lord hear our prayer...

We bless you today, O God, for you are our God and a Mighty God you are. Indeed you are the only God, the God who is beyond all gods, the one whose ways are greater than we can imagine, and who comes among us in ways we can barely fathom - to be one with us and have us be one with you.  Blessed
indeed be your name day by day, and blessed be your church, that all praise and glory and honour may come to you, Amen  and Amen

—written by Rev. Richard J. Fairchild and posted on his Kir-Shalom website, where you can find many other resources for Pentecost Sunday.

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