Jun 2, 2011

Pentecost Litany

spirit of life

spirit of life
your breath of life fills the whole world
and holds all things together.
if you withdraw your breath everything turns to dust
breathe on me breath of god

you are the source of life that brings life to the world,
whole life, full life, unhindered, indestructible everlasting life
fill me with life anew

the life of your spirit which christ sends into the world
is the power of the resurrection which brings us new life
breathe on me breath of god

the sending of your spirit is the revelation
of god's indestructible affirmation of life and marvelous joy in life
fill me with life anew

jesus, where you are there is life.
where you are sick people are healed,
sad people are comforted,
marginalised people are accepted
and the demons of death are driven out
breathe on me breath of god

where your holy spirit is present there is life.
the powers and energies of eternal life are experienced.
fill me with life anew

the mission of your spirit is a movement for life
and a movement for healing
which spreads consolation and the courage to live
and raises up what wants to die.
breathe on me breath of god

we affirm and love life so much
that we protest against death
and all the powers that disseminate death.
fill me with life anew

help us to join with your comforting of the sad,
healing of the sick,
welcoming of strangers,
and forgiving of sins.
breathe on me breath of god

send your spirit so that this world should not perish but live
fill me with life anew

spirit of the new creation
break into the here and now
bringing foretastes of the age to come
when all things are made new,
and creation is set free from the powers of death
breathe on me breath of god

spirit of god renew the face of the earth
fill me with life anew

give us hearts of flesh for hearts of stone
that we may love as you would love
and do what you would do

 — written by Jonny Baker, and posted both on his JonnyBaker blog

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