Prayer & Litany for Fathers' Day

Let us pray.

O God, as you have inspired men from the beginning of time to live lives of faith and hope, so now, create in our men a new zeal for wisdom, repentance, passionate service, unconditional love, and Christian values. Grant that our men will be reflections of Jesus Christ, hungering for the Word and thirsting after your righteousness! In your blessed name we humbly pray. Amen.

One:     The world’s human community began with one man.
            The redemption of humanity was wrought by one man.
            Today, we celebrate the contributions
            of strong, godly men to our community.

All:       We celebrate men who, with the wisdom of Solomon,
            seek God’s perfect plan for their lives and the lives they influence.

One:     We appreciate men who, with the spirit of David, seek repentance,
            as men after God’s own heart.

All:       We acknowledge men who, with the obedience of Abraham,
            follow God’s direction, help shape the lives of their families,
            and ultimately change the world.

One:     We honor men who, like Peter,
            are fallible yet passionate about serving the Lord
            and fervently building his Kingdom.

All:       As Joseph cared for his father and brothers,
            we care for the men of our community
            by generously sharing our resources, our time,
            and our unconditional love.

One:     We pray for men who have the inner and outward strength of Samson,
            but have lost their way.

All:       We’re grateful for men who, like the apostle Paul,
            teach us Christian principles and values.

            Today, we celebrate men who strive in all things to be like Jesus,
            exhibiting his character and his love.

— reprinted from The African American Lectionary website. 

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