Fathers' Day videos

If you’re looking for a video to use in worship on Fathers’ Day (June 19, 2011), here are a few you might consider:

Father’s Day: a Broader Perspective
Description: "There are many kinds of fathers in our churches, and all need to be honored and blessed this Father’s Day. Reach out to a larger hearing audience on this important day."

Also check out these other videos for Fathers’ Day:

Why we love Dad
Description: "Often dads have a powerful impact on our lives. From working hard to provide for us to just being there, our fathers play an important role. It's time we let Dad know we appreciate all the things he has done for us."

What Dads can’t do
Description: "Dads play such an important role in raising kids. Many of us have special memories of things that our fathers did for us growing up. However, no matter how much dads do for their kids, there are some things that they can’t do for them."

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