Fathers' Day Litany

Litany for Fathers’ Day

One:     Our relationships with our fathers are complicated.

All:       For some of us, our father's love is like God's love—
            too deep, too long, too wide, too strong to measure.

One:    Some of our dads are here; some were never here.

All:       For some of us, God's love fills in the empty spaces
            our fathers left behind.

One:    All of us are shaped
            by the relationship or lack of relationship with our fathers.

All:       On this day when we remember
            what it means to have a father or be a father,
            we recognize the importance of fathers in our communities.
            We pledge as a congregation to love and nurture
            the fathers among us
            so that they will manifest the love of God in all that they do. Amen.

~ written by The Rev. Dr. LaGretta Bjorn, pastor of the United Methodist Church of Spring Valley in New York. Posted on the Discipleship Ministries website of the United Methodist Church. http://www.umcdiscipleship.org/resources/call-to-worship-and-opening-prayer-for-fathers-day