Prayers and Resources for Fathers' Day

The Church of England website is offering a variety of worship resources for Fathers’ Day.  Here are a few sample prayers. (See below for links to other resources).

Loving God,
We thank you for the gift of good dads,
and everything that they do for us.
Help them to have
patience when we're difficult,
wisdom when we can't see the way,
strength when we need comforting,
and love at all times,
so that, though them,
we get a little glimpse of how you feel about us,
our heavenly Father

Heavenly Father,
you entrusted your Son Jesus,
the child of Mary,
to the care of Joseph, an earthly father.
Bless all fathers
as they care for their families.
Give them strength and wisdom,
tenderness and patience;
support them in the work they have to do,
protecting those who look to them,
as we look to you for love and salvation,
through Jesus Christ our rock and defender.

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