Worship Resources for Easter 2

Here is a whole set of wonderful worship resources for Easter 2 from Rev. Mindi on her blog, Rev-o-lution: 

Call to Worship (or use as Benediction)

Leader: Where is this Jesus, the one you call Messiah?
People: Christ is Risen! Christ is here among us!
Leader: I do not see him. I don’t believe you.
(louder): Christ is Risen! Christ is here among us!
Leader: Let me see his body, his hands and his feet.
People: We are Christ’s body; We are Christ’s feet.

Leader: You see the suffering in the world? Where is Jesus now?
People: We are going into the world to be the body of Christ.

Leader: Let us go together, let us partner with others.
People: For we are the body of Christ: let us share the Good News!

Prayer of Confession:

Holy God, we confess our doubts.
When our childhood understandings fall away,
we feel naked.
When our long-held beliefs seem to crumble,
we feel lost.
When our convictions are questioned,
we feel ashamed.
Guide us into right paths, O God.
Guide our feet into the way of peace;
guide our hands to care for others;
guide our hearts to love our neighbors.
Call us back to You, O Christ, and renew our faith.
When the ground is unsteady,
loving God, put us back on right paths
by doing justice, loving kindness,
and walking humbly with You. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon (from Psalm 16):

The Lord is our chosen portion and our cup.
God binds us in, counsels our minds and instructs our hearts.
God helps us to stand firm for justice, mercy and peace.
When we fall, God lifts us up, forgives us,
and remembers our sins no more. Amen.


Messiah, Christ, Anointed One, You have risen in our lives, You have risen from the dead, You come to each of us and say, “Peace be with you.” You show us the path of life, to live for others, to do Your work in our world to build Your kingdom. Continue to inspire in us the joy of the Resurrection, to share the Good News with the world in word and deed. For many walk in darkness, in the tunnel-vision of daily life and struggles of addictions, hopelessness, and despair. You have called us to be Your light in our world. May we share the Good News of the Resurrection: New Life begins now, and is available for all. Call us into doing Your work, O God. In the name of Christ. Amen.

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