Jan 7, 2019

Epiphany Prayer: Christ of the West

Here’s a prayer for the second Sunday after Epiphany Sunday from the Christian Aid website. It was adapted from “Invocation to the Christ of the Four Directions” (South, West, North, East), written by Suzanne Fageol.

Epiphany Prayer:
Christ of the West

We call upon the Christ of the West:
You, who saw the harvest bounty of your mission,
You, who reaped the wisdom of the Spirit,
You, who sat in thanksgiving with your friends,
You, who were betrayed at the price of your body and your blood,
You, who prayed alone in the garden 
contemplating that which could not be altered,
You, who understood that transfiguration comes 
through the gateway of death,
You, who bore your death for us all.

As sunset and twilight come upon us,
O Christ of the West:

Comfort us with your knowledge of the darkness.
Lead us, in silence and solitude, to see that which we must allow to die in us.
Teach us to pray, 'Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.' 

Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts 
and give us the pure water of righteousness 
to quench our everlasting thirst.

O Christ of the West, protector of our souls,
we call upon you. Amen. 

~ adapted from “Invocation to the Christ of the Four Directions” written by Suzanne Fageol. Posted on the Monthly Prayers page (now Weekly Worship) of the Christian Aid website. https://www.christianaid.org.uk/churches/weekly-worship