Jan 7, 2019

Epiphany Prayer: Christ of the North

Here’s a prayer for the third Sunday after Epiphany Sunday from the Christian Aid website. It was adapted from “Invocation to the Christ of the Four Directions” (South, West, North, East), written by Suzanne Fageol.


Prayer for Epiphany:

Christ of the North


O Christ of the North:

You, who bore the pain of Calvary,
You, who blessed the ones who cursed you,
You, who lay in the tomb, who in your rising, 
fulfilled the expectations and prophecies of the ancestors,
You, who in your ascending, 
gave the promise of a new covenant for us all,
In the dark cold of winter, 
begin the quiet cycle of birth again in our hearts as we tell your story.

As we journey through our own winters
O Christ of the North:

Keep vigil with us as we bear the harsh, cold times of our lives.
Wrap us in cloaks of clarity and strength 
when the strong, north winds of challenge blow around us.
Help us to remember to call upon your many blessings 
for our endurance and creativity.
Keep us in honesty and truth 
with the remembrance of your faithfulness even unto crucifixion.

O Christ of the North, guardian of us all,
we call upon you. Amen.

~ adapted from “Invocation to the Christ of the Four Directions” written by Suzanne Fageol. Posted on the Monthly Prayers page (now Weekly Worship) of the Christian Aid website. https://www.christianaid.org.uk/churches/weekly-worship