Nov 4, 2018

Call to Worship: November 11

Here is a thoughtful call to worship for November 11 (Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Poppy Day). It was written by Roddy Hamilton and posted on the New Kilpatrick Parish Church website (see link below).

Call to Worship: Can you hear it?

Can you hear it… is the silence
that holds all our stories
the hurt for which there are no words
the pain that cannot be expressed
from war is the silence
that shares the ache of the past
and knows the deep cost of conflict
that always costs too much
yet there always seems more to give is the silence of a God
who has no words left
for a love that has nothing left to give
yet will give even that
may we gather
in the clutch
of such a silence

for it is in this silence
and no other
we hold together
the perplexing truth of poppy fields
and our honest turmoil of emotion
Here we gather in remembrance

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on the New Kilpatrick Parish Church website.