Prayer of Confession: Isaiah 65: 17-25

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by Isaiah 65: 17-25.  It was written by Dr. Tom Cheatham.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by Isaiah 65: 17-25)

O God, still creating,
we hear your promises of a new day of joy and peace, 
and we are skeptical.
We expect things to go on the same as they always have, 
from bad to worse.
The past will keep us guilty, 
the future will make us afraid,
and the present will burden us 
with too little time and too much to do.

Forgive our lack of faith, 
our quickness to believe that you do not hear us,
and our pessimism about tomorrow.
Do a new thing in our hearts,
and let us be glad and rejoice in your abundant care;
through Christ we pray. Amen.

~ written by Dr. Tom Cheatham, a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  He blogs at The Connection.