May 21, 2018

Prayer: The Gift of Faith

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of faith inspired by Romans 5:1-5. It was written by Reverend Sarah Agnew and posted on pray the story. 

Prayer: The Gift of Faith
(inspired by Romans 5:1–5)

You give us faith
to make us right
with You again.

You give us peace
to bring us home
to You again.

You give us grace
in which we stand,
in Your presence,
in Your love,
in Your honour.

Thus we withstand our suffering,
and we endure;
we find resilience,
and we grow;
we develop character,
and we hope –
we hope, for Your love,
our faithful Holy One,
is poured into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit that has
been given to us.

You give us Your Spirit,
breath of life,
wind of flight.

You give us Your Wisdom,
welcoming light,
path of right relationship.

You give us Your Love,
source of life,
home each night of sorrow
and day of quite exquisite joy.

We stand in awe,
grateful for such gifts, inspired
to fly, to love, to shine light
in the world.

Thank you.
May it be so.

~ written by Reverend Sarah Agnew. Posted on pray the story.