John 3:16: A Prayer Paraphrase

Here’s a prayer paraphrase of John 3:16 from Steve Garnaas-Holmes. It was posted on Unfolding Light.

Prayer Paraphrase of John 3:16

Infinite Love, heart of all life,
you loved this word into being
with such love
as to birth yourself among us,
Love begotten as the Beloved.

Opening ourselves to your love
we live beyond our mortal selves
and join your eternal Oneness.

Your presence does not separate but unites;
love does not push away, but embraces;
you do not condemn, but save.

Trusting this we know
we are loved, never rejected.
When our trust fails we are doomed:
withdrawing into ourselves
we aren't open to love,
the only source of life.

~ written by Steve Garnaas-Holmes and posted on Unfolding Light.