Call to Worship: Spirit of the Ages

Here’s a responsive call to worship inspired by Psalm 146:5-10. It comes from Tim Graves and the LiturgyBits blog.

Call to Worship: Spirit of the Ages
(inspired by Psalm 146:5-10)

Come and worship!
We will praise the One between, within, and over.
Trust in the One who co-creates the was, the now, and the will-be.
Our hope is in the One who creates expansive love
calling us to do the same.
Follow the One who never breaks covenant.
We follow the One whose extravagant love calls us
to co-create justice for the oppressed,
feed the hungry, unlock prisons,
and welcome strangers, orphans, and widows.
Praise the One whose justice is grace-full and inclusive.
We praise the Spirit that spans the ages. Amen! 

~ written by Tim Graves, and posted on LiturgyBits.