Apr 1, 2018

Monologue: Doubting Thomas

Rich Lindeman has written a monologue, “I Am Thomas.” It is inspired by John 20:19-35, and was intended as a replacement for the sermon on the Sunday after Easter.

Here’s the opening paragraph of the monologue. 

Monologue: Doubting Thomas

“I am Thomas. By ancient traditions some of you may know me as being the twin brother of St. Matthew. And by the testimony of Holy Scripture some of you may know me as being one of the twelve apostles, a disciple of Jesus the Christ. And because of a remarkable event in my life, I suspect that there are others
of you here who also know me by another name: "Doubting Thomas"….

~ written by Rich Lindeman. For the full script, visit http://www.mail-archive.com/friends-of-lcmc@googlegroups.com/msg01179.html