Apr 1, 2018

Call to Worship: Acts 4

Here’s a call to worship inspired by Acts 4:31-37. It was written by Joanna Harader for her congregation at Peace Mennonite in Lawrence, Kansas.

Call to Worship

As early followers of Jesus gathered
for fellowship and worship,
praying and singing and reading the scriptures,
so we gather this morning.

We read in Acts
that the whole group of those who believed
were of one heart and soul.
One heart.
One soul.
They shared everything–
everything they owned,
everything they had.
God’s grace was at work in them,
powerfully at work
within them all.
There was not a needy person among them.
May it be so for us as well. Amen. 

~ written by Joanna Harader, based on Acts 4:31-37. Posted on Spacious Faith. https://spaciousfaith.com/2013/09/11/acts-431-37-call-to-worship/