Apr 2, 2020

Palm Sunday Opening Prayer: You Rode On

Here’s an opening prayer for Palm/Passion Sunday from Joe Welty, Pastor of Broadway-First Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Opening Prayer for Palm Sunday

O Lord, you rode on.

You rode over the cloaks and under the branches,
You rode through the shouts and past the praises,
Receiving the praise that you deserved, 
but not confusing our praise in your presence for your purpose in coming.

O Lord, you rode on.

You rode towards the controversy and the cost,
You rode towards the curses and the cross,
Receiving the stripes you didn’t deserve, to give us a reward that we couldn’t earn.

O Lord, you rode on.

You rode through the tomb and the grave,
You rode through our time and space,
Ascending to a throne that will never decay,
A priesthood that will never pass away,
A life of love that will always remain,
And hearing us even now as we pray.

O Lord, you rode on.

We remember the journey you have taken
as we commit ourselves to walking in the same way. 
Give us the strength, hope, and joy we need
as we follow.

In your name we pray,

~ written by Pastor Joe Welty, Broadway-First Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.