Confession at the Start of Lent: Borrowed Time

Here’s a  prayer of confession at the start of Lent. It was written by Cheryl Lawrie, and posted on [hold this space].

Prayer of Confession at the Start of Lent
All That’s Borrowed

We live in borrowed time,
says Lent.

i have lived on borrowed truth for a while
as well,
and borrowed faith when necessary
i know I have taken certainty from places 
that shouldn’t have given it to me
and probably wouldn’t have, willingly.

I have tried to make it my own.
all of it.
i have given it the names of my gods,
and scratched in deep to its essence my name and my claim
that it’s mine
and it’s me.

i have held it fast with fear and determination,
and close as to make it mine forever

but here now
you ask for it back
and i give it.

the left-over shape of a life
and a faith
tarnished, scratched and battered
with the indentations of my clasping

and i say
sorry for messing what was beautiful
thank you for trusting me with what’s yours.

~ written by Cheryl Lawrie and posted on [hold this space].