Lenten Prayer: In the Desert

Here’s a prayer for the first Sunday in Lent. It was written by Rev. Scott McKenna and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Weekly Worship page.

Prayer for the First Sunday of Lent
(inspired by Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:9-15, Luke 4:1-13)

The desert is a place of emptiness, solitude and silence.
It is a home of jackals, snakes and inner demons, beasts of the soul.
The Spirit of God led Jesus into such a place:
in our aloneness, in our darkness, we are never alone.

Let us pray.

In this sacred space,
in these moments of stillness,
our thoughts and silence are like incense.
Holy God,
Whose glory touches and transfigures the mind and the material,
Whose intimate, gentle Spirit embraces our vulnerability
and fills our empty spaces with hope,
may we know the deep calm that only You can give.
Through the mystery of absence and presence,
come, fill us with Your emptiness,
Your eternal silence. Amen. 

~ excerpted from a longer prayer by Rev Scott Mckenna, Minister of Edinburgh Mayfield Salisbury. Posted on the Weekly Worship page of the Church of Scotland website.