Oct 22, 2017

Reformation Day Litany

Here’s a litany for Reformation Day (October 31) from lutherjulia. It was posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Litany of Thanksgiving
for Reformation Day

We give thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit
whose light brought new understanding
of both the Living Word and the written Scripture.
We give thanks
for the reminder of consistent grace and mercy
from God through Jesus Christ.
We are grateful for the inspiration
that lead to the printing press,
enabling the spread of information
and the sharing of the gospel in many languages.
We thank God for the technologies
that can be used for good
for the support of communities and individuals.

Generous God,
we thank you for open hearts
that were prepared to hear and receive the good news
of freedom in Christ.
We also thank you for our continued freedom in the Son
to share that same news of salvation
through your grace and Christ’s faithfulness.

We remember the lives that were lost
in the struggle to reform the church on earth –
those who were martyred,
those who died fighting,
those who perished in hiding,
and who were killed on all sides.
We remember also the lives that have been lost
throughout history in the name of religion
and for those who die today for daring to believe.

We thank you for the instruction that comes
through our church heritage –
the catechisms,
the understanding of the saints,
the gift of community,
and a deeper appreciation of God’s gift of Holy Communion
and Holy Baptism.
We thank you for the presence of Jesus Christ –
in us, with us, and for us –
and for the support of the Holy Spirit, ever-reforming us.

God of stability and change,
we thank you that true reformation is always your work
and always being done in us
out of your love for your whole creation.
We are ever reformed by the work of your love. 
We are ever reformed by the work of God’s love. 

~ written by lutherjulia, and posted on RevGalBlogPals. http://revgalblogpals.org/