Oct 22, 2017

Prayer of Confession: Reformation Day

Here’s a prayer of confession, written specifically for Reformation Day (October 31). It comes from a resource produced by the Liturgical Task Force of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity (see below for link).

Prayer of Confession
for Reformation Day

O God of mercy,
we lament that even good actions of reform and renewal
had often unintended negative consequences.
Kyrie eleison (Lord have mercy)

We bring before you
the burdens of the guilt of the past
when our forbears did not follow your will
that all be one in the truth of the Gospel.
Christe eleison (Christ have mercy)

We confess our own ways of thinking and acting
that perpetuate the divisions of the past.
As communities and as individuals,
we build many walls around us:
mental, spiritual, physical, political walls
that result in discrimination and violence.
Forgive us, Lord.
Kyrie eleison (Lord have mercy)

Psalm 130 [sung or read]

Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
He is our peace,
who breaks down the walls that divide, w
ho gives us, through the Holy Spirit,
ever-new beginnings.
In Christ, we receive forgiveness and reconciliation
and we are strengthened
for a faithful and common witness in our time. Amen. 

~ from Common Prayer: From Conflict to Communion. Lutheran-Catholic Common Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017. Written by the Liturgical Task Force of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity. http://www.cccb.ca/site/images/stories/pdf/Common_Prayer_for_Catholic-Lutheran_Commemoration_of__Reformation_2017.pdf