Oct 23, 2017

Prayer: Matthew 5

Here’s a prayer inspired by Matthew 5:1-12, the suggested gospel reading for Epiphany 4 and All Saints Day, Year A. It comes from the PCUSA website.

All Saints Day Prayer
(inspired by Matthew 5:1-12)

Blessed are you, O God,
for you are holy, gracious, and good,
the hope of all the faithful.
Empower the meek
and encourage the poor.
Comfort those who mourn
and fill humble hearts with gladness.
Give food to the hungry,
drink to the thirsty,
peace to the peacemakers,
mercy to the merciful,
and honor to the despised.
Sustain your saints in ministry,
until at last they see their reward:
the joy of eternal life with you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.