Oct 23, 2017

All Saints: Prayer of Confession

Here’s an act of confession and words of assurance for All Saints (November 1 or the Sunday closest). It was written by Rev. Lucus Keppel and posted on LiturgyLink.

Confession & Assurance
for All Saints

Our lives are full of mistakes and errors – places where we follow self-generated idols instead of the One True God. We are not alone in these mistakes – all of those who have come before us also were plagued with temptation and sin. Let us come before God, just as generations of believers have done, and pray for God’s forgiveness and grace.

Beloved God,
who was known to our mothers and fathers,
and even to our spiritual forebears,
have mercy on us.
We do not always love as you would have us love.
We do not always do as you would have us do.
In our stubbornness,
we turn from you when we should turn toward you.
Hold us, dear One –
comfort us when we mourn the passing of friends and family,
and help us to know that they are rejoicing in your presence.
We praise you for the grace you shower on us,
constantly forgiving our errors,
especially the ones that we don’t share with any but you.
Hear now the silent fears and worries of our hearts.

A time of silence

Friends, hear the good news! Though thousands upon thousands of our ancestors did not follow God’s ways perfectly, we have hope in the one who did! Jesus, a man of a particular people in a particular time, taught through his words and deeds that God has already forgiven us. Thus, we and all who have come before us are rightly known as saints – the holy ones of God! Thanks be to God for God’s mercy, grace, and love! Amen! 

~ written by Rev. Lucus Keppel, Ancho Community & Corona United Presbyterian Churches, New Mexico. Posted on LiturgyLink. https://www.liturgylink.net/2013/11/11/awareness-and-reconciliation-for-all-saints-day/