Prayer to a Maternal God

Here’s a pastoral prayer which celebrates feminine images for God. It was written by Carol Penner and posted on Leading in Worship.


Maternal God
you conceive us
give birth to us
nurse us
smile at us every day
protect us
feed us
give us words to say
show us how to walk
cheer for us in our successes
wipe our tears when we fail
encourage us
dream big for us
and love us for who we are.

Thank you that you
do not give up on us
when we
don’t call home
forget to visit
disappoint you
neglect what you’ve done for us
and think we did it by ourselves.

Open our eyes
to see those
who need the embrace
of your mothering love
who need
someone to be their champion,
someone to always give
the cup of cold water
and a second mile.

Help us this week
to take your love to heart
and embody it
like Jesus
deeply and tenderly.

~ written by Carol Penner, and posted on Leading in Worship.