Opening Prayer for Mothers Day

Here’s a responsive prayer litany for Mother’s Day.  It comes from the website of the First United Methodist Church in Mocksville, North Carolina.

Responsive Prayer for Mother’s Day

In you, O God, every family on earth receives its name.
Illumine our homes with the light of your love.
We thank you for gifts of love we have received.
From our mothers
and those who have served as mothers in many ways,
nourishing us and guiding us as we grow to be who we are.
As we have been loved by them,
so we are loved by you, O God.
Join with us in this day of celebration
as we rejoice in being loved.
As you grant us peace in Christ Jesus our Lord,
so we come to worship in His holy name.

~ posted on the website of the First United Church, Mocksville, North Carolina.