Prayer: A Celebration of Faith

Here’s a responsive prayer of celebration from the Pictou United Church website. It was adapted from a prayer by Rex Hunt.


Holy One, we celebrate
that where people are gathered together in love:
You are present
and good things happen and life is full.

We celebrate
that we are immersed in your mystery
our lives are more than they seem:
We belong to each other
and to a universe of great creative energies,
whose source and destiny is you, our God.

We celebrate
that your spirit beat in the heart of Jesus of Nazareth:
The good news of your healing, embracing and liberating love
was heard by the broken, the lonely
and all bound by life’s sorrows and struggles.

We celebrate
that the spirit of peace and hope is present
with us and though us:
In our struggle to love
we incarnate your holy presence in our world.

And so, aware of the hurts and longings all of us carry,
the awe and wonder that is around us,
and the gifts of faith and this community of faith:
We pause and we become ever aware
of the sacredness of our lives.

In that awareness may we act and speak and live.
May it be so…

~ adapted from worship resources by Rex Hunt (Uniting Church of Australia), and posted on the Pictou United Church website.