Mar 24, 2017

Prayer at the Table

Here’s an approach to the prayer at the Table on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, or any other time. It comes from Jonny Baker.

He writes: “Maundy Thursday is a day particularly to remember Jesus’ meals with friends and to share bread and wine at the table. We chatted about the various meals and tables Jesus had and was round. I invited people to complete a sentence that began 'this is a table...' and that then became a prayer of thanks as we read them out and shared bread and wine to remember.”

Prayer at the Table

This is a table of new expectations

This is a table where everyone can come to receive

This is a table for those who haven't met Jesus before

This is a table with the Lord of the harvest and catch

This is a table where the host is often in the dependent position

This is a table where we are reconciled

This is a table where there is safety and acceptance

This is a table which welcomes, invites, provides, unites

This is a table where uncomfortable things happen

This is a table that was the natural place to be

This is a table that was the place to meet people

This is a table where strength is restored

This is a table, this is our community

~ written by Johnny Baker, and posted on jonnybaker.