Christmas Eve Call to Worship: Edge of your seat

Here’s a Christmas Eve call to worship from Roddy Hamilton.

Call to Worship for Christmas Eve

When we wait in the night
in the hush that only stars can hold
as they bend towards the coming of the light;

when we wait in the night
labouring with anticipation
of what midnight shall bring;

when we wait in the night
listening to the cadence of minutes
beat in rhythm with the birth of hope;

may we hold our collective breaths
with the angelic host
as they clutch their restless alleluias,

for God is on the way:
the mother is labouring
the father pacing
the stable readying
the word is waiting
the light is sliding
and the promise is breaking through

When we wait in the longing for midnight
in expectation of Good News
may we choose to wait together
and find we have moved to the edge of our seats

for in such anticipation
it is the only place
for the Word to be born among us.

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Mucky Paws.