Nov 13, 2016

Prayer for Peace

On this “Peace Sunday” we acknowledge you
as the source of all peace.
Thank you that through the cross
we have peace with you
and can be reconciled to each other.

We give thanks for the political peace which we enjoy [in Canada]
and pray for the many places where there is none.
We remember especially Iraq and Syria
and other parts of the Middle East.
Have mercy on their suffering
and grant wisdom, courage and renewed strength
to those who are trying to end the bloodshed.

Help all of us who call ourselves Christians
to contribute to establishing a peace
that is built on your idea of justice.
As we ponder recent events in the United States,
keep reminding us gently
that your kingdom cannot be established
through the power of the state.
Let not ignorance, fear or hate
cause us to wander from your way of service. Amen.  

~ written by Clara Toews, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Inspired by a prayer by Lisa Sharon Harper.