Nov 11, 2016

Post-election prayer from Richard Rohr

To all my American friends: here’s a prayer from Father Richard Rohr, written after this week's election. 


All vulnerable and merciful God,
We do not know what is ours to do.
We feel scared and alone today.
We are tired of taking sides.
We cannot hold any more fear or anger or rejection.
And yet we know so many of our friends
feel unheard and unwanted.

Help us trust that no feeling is final,
And that YOU will have the full and final word.

If You are indeed a Suffering God,
may we hold this suffering with You
for those who voted for Hillary Clinton,
for those who voted for President-elect Donald Trump,
and for the many who have felt excluded by our politics
in the many ways that we do indeed exclude.

We offer ourselves as best we can
to hold this Love outward and open toward all,
just as You never cease to do toward us.

We believe You are praying this prayer through us.  Amen