Prayer: With Thanks for Creativity

Here’s a prayer to our Creator God from Jennifer G. Brownell. It was posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Prayer of Thanksgiving to a Creator God
(inspired by Genesis 1)

Creator God,

As we are made in Your image,
we give You thanks for the seed of creativity 
You planted within each person.
We praise the clean lines of the sculpture,
the complexity of the concerto,
the beauty of the poet’s words.

Grant us, we pray,
the capacity to appreciate creativity where we don’t always notice it:
the perfectly clean and useful lines of a row of coat hangers, say,
or the complexity of a computer that crashes (some days)
but most days does not,
or the beauty in a text message carrying everyday news.

Forgive, us we pray,
for those times we have squandered with aimless disregard
our capacity to create,
and for those times we have used our creativity
as a force for destruction rather than reparation.

Help us truly to live in appreciative awe of the creativity
that you have planted within.
Give us the patience and courage to nourish that creativity,
and the strength and persistence to express it.
In Your name we pray,

~ written by Jennifer G. Brownell and posted on RevGalBlogPals.