Call to Worship for Trinity Sunday

Here are gathering words for Trinity Sunday (the first Sunday after Pentecost). They were written by Roddy Hamilton and posted on Mucky Paws.

Hamilton writes: “Trinity Sunday...not something that needs to be understood, just set alive with the imagination. Here's the call to worship for Sunday.”
Trinity Sunday Call to Worship

Let us shape a space
for The Three:

the Spirit
as breath of life

the Bread
as food of heaven

the Love
in relationship

Let us shape a space
that tangles all three
through our life and our worship
held in relationship
and met here

Let us shape a space
for the many faces of God
woven together
and revealed in each of us

On this Trinity Sunday
Let us shape a space
to be found together
in worship

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on the New Kilpatrick Parish Church website.