Nov 16, 2015

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Abundance

Here’s a thanksgiving prayer from the United Church of Christ website.

Prayer of Thanks for Abundance

God of Grace,
you have gifted us with a world of abundance;
a land of plenty;
a country where all can have enough.
We come before you this day
to thank you for this prosperity
and to repent from our apparent inability to share this wealth.

God, we declare our own complicity
in systems that sustain some of us,
while forsaking many others.  
And we come before you to seek your forgiveness,
even as we pray for your justice.

Righteous God, you hear the cry of the poor.
You listen to those who do without,
while so many spend recklessly
and our leaders invest the wealth of the nation
in instruments of destruction.

Be with us this day Lord.
Hear our prayers.
Touch our hearts that we may be faithful witnesses
and effective voices for justice.
God of mercy, hear our prayer.  Amen.

~ written by Mari Castellanos, and posted on the United Church of Christ website.