Apr 20, 2015

Prayer for Earth Day

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving and commitment for Earth Day.  It is part of a larger worship service for Earth Day which I compiled for the Canadian Foodgrains BankClick here to access the entire worship order.

Prayer for Earth Day

Gracious God,
your amazing love extends through all time and space,
to all parts of your creation,
which you created and called good.

You made a covenant with Noah and his family,
putting a rainbow in the sky
to symbolize your promise of love and blessing
to every living creature,
and to all successive generations.

You made a covenant with Abraham and Sarah,
blessing them and their descendants
throughout the generations.
You made a covenant with Moses and the Israelite people
to all generations,
giving them the ten commandments
and challenging them to choose life.

In Jesus,
you invite us to enter into a new covenant,
in communion with all who seek to be faithful to you.

As people of faith,
we are called into covenant.
Your covenant of faithfulness and love
extends to the whole creation.

We pray for the healing of the earth,
that present and future generations
may enjoy the fruits of creation,
and continue to glorify and praise you. Amen.

~ from the Web of Creation website. http://www.webofcreation.org/