Call to Worship: The God of Many Names

Here’s a call to worship for the season of Easter. It was written by Roddy Hamilton.

Call to Worship

When God tripped over the stars this week
and send great lightning sparks across the night
God’s name was Power

When God stood in the morning dew a few weeks back
and whispered Mary’s name fresh from the tomb
God’s name was Life

When God held out hands to Thomas
and hold him to hold on and follow
God’s name was Shepherd

When God pours water this morning
and asks us to find heaven in every drop
God’s name is Grace

When God shook us awake today
and hollowed out an unused moment in front of us to step into
God’s name is Creator

When God found us waiting here
in the space between heaven and earth, now and not yet
God’s name is Love

Friends, let us worship
the God of many names

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Mucky Paws.