Jan 25, 2015

Prayer of Illumination: Mark 1: 21-28

Here’s a prayer of illumination (invocation) traditionally used before the reading and preaching of Scripture.  It was written by Amy Loving, and inspired by Mark 1: 21-28 - where Jesus casts out an evil spirit.

Prayer for Illumination
(inspired by Mark 1:21-28)

Un-stop our ears, O God,
that we may hear your Word proclaimed this day. 
Open our minds and hearts to be changed. 
Free us from the unclean spirits of worry, fear, destruction, and pride. 
Teach us, Lord, that we may follow you more faithfully.

 ~ written by Amy Loving, and posted on The Worship Closet: The Place for Creative Worship Ideas. http://worshipcloset.com/baptism-of-the-lord-sunday-year-b-words-for-worship/