Jan 25, 2015

Prayer: Mark 1: 21-28

Here’s an opening prayer or prayer of invocation (illumination) before the reading and preaching of Scripture from Richard Bott. It was inspired by Mark 1: 21-28, where Jesus casts out an evil spirit.

(inspired by Mark 1:21-28)

Speak with authority
in our lives, Christ.

Speak to us,
and to what is in us,
so that we might be whole.

Speak to us,
with love,
with hope,
and with strength,
so that we might hear you,
and know, deep inside,
that we are your people,
and that you are our God.
Let it be so.

~ written by Richard Bott, and posted on Sharing Liturgy.  http://liturgy.richardbott.com/