Pastoral Prayer: Genesis 32

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by Genesis 32: 22-31, where Jacob wrestles with the angle.  It comes from the Ministry Matters website.

Pastoral Prayer
(inspired by Genesis 32: 22-31)

we have heard the story of Jacob
as he wrestled with the angel,
how he asked for the angel to bless him.
We, too, come to you for blessing.

There are so many times in our lives
in which we have felt alienated, downtrodden, alone.
It is easy for us to wallow in our misery,
to whine about all the perceived injustices
that have been heaped upon us.

But you encourage us to stand strong;
to seek the blessings that you have provided for us;
to recognize the many ways that you are with us,
giving us strength and courage.

Be with us again, precious Lord.
Guide our lives.
As we have brought our prayers before you
for those near and dear to us,
seeking healing and hope for them;
let us also remember that those same mercies
are lavished upon us,
not because we deserve them,
but because of your great and generous love for us.

Help us receive these blessings
and, in turn, be a blessing to someone else.
For we ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.

~ posted on the Ministry Matters website.