A Hungry Call to Worship

Here is a call to worship inspired by Isaiah 55:1-2.  It was written by Carol Penner.

Call to Worship

Let the hungry come to me, let the poor be fed
Let the thirsty come and drink, share my wine and bread
Though thou hast no money, come to me and eat!
Drink the cup I offer, feed on finest wheat! 
(hymn by Delores Dufner)

We are hungry, Lord!
We come to church today with different types of hunger for you.
Some of us sit down at the table eagerly, because we are hungry.
Some of us have come because we know we should eat,
even though we don`t feel like it.
Some of us are ravenous.
And some of us have lost our appetite, and we don`t even know why.
And yet you have drawn us to your welcoming table, one and all,
your arms open to embrace us just as we are.
As we settle in this morning, fill us with your presence
so that when we leave today, we can leave saying,
“That is exactly what I needed!”

~ written by Carol Penner, and posted on Leading in Worship. http://carolpenner.typepad.com/